About PACT Couples therapy

Stan Tatkin's work with couples draws on his knowledge of infant attachment, arousal regulation, and developmental neuroscience. His approach, PACT (Psychobiological approach to couples therapy), incorporates lessons from many schools, including body psychotherapies, Gestalt, structural and family therapies, mindfulness, and object relations. 

PACT therapists attend to micro-movements and micro-expressions presented by both partners, noticing shifts in affect and arousal, and helping stage events between the couple that replicate struggles outside the counseling office so as to work with them in "real-time" and provide new insights and solutions. PACT work is fun, energetic, and often short-term, with couples reporting relief and new clarity as they make their own decisions about how to move forward.

Tatkin's books, Wired for Love and Wired for Dating are excellent guides for understanding your partner's brain and attachment style, which can deepen your relationship and reduce conflict.